January 24, 2009

Southern Snow

It came down fast and furious the other day, covering all our Southern green with a sea of white. We rarely get snow. We get excited when the weatherman even says the word snow. We panic when he says the word accumulation. We close schools and businesses. We swarm the grocery to get the last remaining supplies. Many of the Damn Yankee Southern Transplants laugh and scoff at Southern ways when it comes to snow. But when the flakes are flying and they are making snowmen they are laughing for a whole nother reason!

And I mean the term Damn Yankee in the nicest possible way. I'm happily married to one, you know.

Take care,

Odd Girl

January 23, 2009

40 Down

I realize football fans might take the title of this post the wrong way, given the Super Bowl is coming up next weekend. But, I'm referring to the number of years I've spent getting to where I am now.

The years spent at college, the decade and a half of marriage, having two little chicks of my own couldn't have prepared me for what I do on a daily basis now. It all started when I became a stay-at-home-mom. Now they are older but I'm still staying at home. It is all very relaxing and stress-free. Bon-bons, soap operas and shopping sprees are a daily occurrence. I get my tiara polished while the maid cleans the pottys. There is nobody demanding anything from me during the day. Then we got a dog.

This is Harris:

Sure, he is cute, but he does take up alot of my time.

The poor thing just need so much attention.

Cuddles, toys, brushing, walks, treats.

It all takes alot out of a mama.

Not to mention how many times I have to sew up this little guy:

This is his very favorite toy, a stuffed bunny from Target. I buy more things for this dog than I do my own offspring. Well, he is pretty entertaining during the day. Later I will have to post a video of his singing ability. It is quite funny.

Well, thanks for reading this far and I hope to entertain more of you soon. I'm not sure where this blog will go but I will have fun in the process. And I need to learn more about posting.

Take care,
Odd Girl

P.S. I was teasing about bon-bons and tiaras and soap operas. And the only maid around here is my alter-ego.